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Travel information for the Philippines

The Philippines are reached easilty. There are daily flights to and from Manila from most countries. Most big airlines, can get you to Manila. In general, your allowed to take about 20 or 30 kilos of check in luggage. This depends on per airline. Upon request, we can arrange a transfer from Manila airport to Triton Divers for a small fee.

People from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or the European Union, can get a visa on arrival which will be valid for 21 days. Upon arrival in the Philippines, you will have to show your ticket as proof you will be leaving the Philippines within 21 days. If you wish to stay longer, you have to apply for an extended visa which is valid for 59 days. It is best to contact the Filipino embassy in your home country to inquire which documents you have to bring. In both cases, your passport should still be at least 6 months valid. 


Electric current
The electric currrent is 220 volt. You might need an adapter. The current drops often, which causes a difference in voltage. It is recommended to bring a safety plug. We have a big generator at our resort, which can provide power in case of a brown out.


Don't bring too much. There are plenty of stalls selling low priced summer clothes. (Although finding your size is not always easy). In case you have too much luggage, the airline might charge you for this. So don't bring too much.


Vaccinations are not compulsory but a Diphteria, Tetanus and Polio vaccinations are highly recommended. Check with your doctor. There is no risk of getting malaria at our isle. It is no longe existent. It only still exists in some laid back areas. Drinking tapwater is not advisable but one can buy bottled water everywhere. Your minibar also has bottled water. Medication, also foreign brands, are easy to get and cheap.


Food and drinks
The Philippines has good food. Breakfast is most of the time simple but our small restaurant can surely prepare you a nice breakfast. Next to our resort, there are several nice restaurants where you can have a cheap and good breakfast, lunch or dinner. In general, prices for food are low.


In general, the temperature is in between 27 and 35 Celsius. Because of the favourable location of our beach, there are no extreme temperature differences like on some other isles.


There is always a nice breeze. But make sure you bring some good suncreen! It is rare that we cannot go diving because of the wind. There are few waves. Ideal for diving!


Like in any other Asian country, there is a rainseason. At that time, there will be a heavy but short rain. Persistant rainfall is rare. Rain in the tropics can be nice and refreshing! The inconvenience of the heavy rains, differ from place to place in the Philippines. One province has more troubles evacuating the water than others. The dry season at Sabang Beach, Puerto Galera is November till May, which doesn't mean it will not rain at all.


Water temperature
The water has a very nice temperature, always between 25 and 30 Celsius also in deeper parts. Great for diving!! So you can use a thin wetsuit or shorts. We have new diving suits if you don't have your own.
With such a nice temperature, you can go diving the whole year around and you are of course always welcome in our resort.


The local currencly in the Philippines is the "Philippine Peso". You might get a better rate for your money at money changers than at the bank. There are plenty of ATM's which accept foreign card in the bigger cities, however there is no ATM on Sabang Beach. Check if with your bank if you are not sure.

Credit cards are accepted but there usually is a fee for this which is in between 5 and 10%. It is better to pay in pesos.

You can also cash American express dollars cheques [but no Thomas Cook Cheques].

Filipino's have a low salary and tips are always very much appreciated. Some restaurants add a 10% service charge. This is tax and a tip, but the staff rarely gets the tip really. A little extra tip is always welcome.


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